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We've all been there.

Recently I had a client who had a concert coming up she'd been planning for months. The day before the concert she caught a cold and lost her voice.

 And yes, she sent me a 'panic text'.
Luckily I knew what to do.
I'm Faith Rumer.

As a vocal coach I've been working with singers and professional voice users for over 25 years, helping them keep their voices healthy and strong. I have my Masters in Speech Pathology/Vocal Therapy, and when I did my internship in Speech Pathology at USC County Hospital, I ran their vocal rehab group. My colleagues and many speech pathologist often refer singers to me for singing vocal rehab, and I've researched hundreds of articles and books on vocal care.

I've put it all together for YOU in this Ultimate Guide. 

You have an important speech you have to deliver, or a voice-over session, or a big concert coming up, a recording session, or a big audition. You're starting your own YouTube Channel or Podcast, you're on set or in a long rehearsal, or you have to teach all day....and you get a cold. 
You're rehearsing a lot, or just talking too much 

and you lose your voice...what do you do?
Do You Go Into Panic Mode?



I gave my 'panicked' client the same tips that you can download now. 
She was able to get her voice feeling good again and the concert went great!
 I also coach an actress who was the star of a Fox TV show, and one day she had filmed a scene that required her to scream most of the day. 

She lost her voice, but she had to keep filming that week. She contacted me, desperate to find her voice again.
I gave this actress some of the exercises 

that you can find in my ultimate guide.

In about 45 minutes we got her voice back and she was able to work the rest of the week. 

Save your Voice NOW

Get my Vocal Care Book and you'll know just what to do when you have a vocal emergency!

Here's what you'll get in My Ultimate Guide

  • Tips to protect your voice
  • How to prevent vocal problems
  • How to avoid getting nodules
  • What to do when you have a cold
  • What exercise can help alleviate hoarseness
  • And more....

These tips are practical and they work. They are the same procedures followed at major hospitals like Cedars-Sinai and USC County Hospital.
Get this Book and you'll know just what to do when you have a vocal emergency.
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Save your Voice NOW

Get my Vocal Care Book and you'll know just what to do when you have a vocal emergency!