Now you can get a professional assessment of your voice!

Hello - I'm Faith Rumer - your Vocal Coach

As a longtime professional vocalist, I know how difficult it can be to listen to and assess your own voice. Our voices are very personal to us and often we can be very critical of what we hear. 

Most of the time, you're not really hearing what others hear. You're listening to your voice through a lot of "critical filters". You could be thinking about what other people have said about your voice, or perhaps you hear your own voice and you think it doesn't really represent who you are. 

You also may not know exactly what to listen for, and you'll miss all of the important details of what is really going on with your vocal instrument.

It can be so helpful  to have a professional vocal coach give you an accurate assessment of your vocal instrument. 


That's why I'm so happy to help you today with your vocal assessment 

The first step to finally having the voice you always wanted

  • Submit an audio or video sample of your voice
  • I'll assess your vocal strengths & let you know how you can improve your voice
  • You can also ask any questions or concerns that you have about your voice

Your 1st Step to Having A Great Voice

When you know what is going on with your voice, you can take the steps you need to finally have the voice you always wanted to have!